Payment and Document Submission

Swift Logistics strives to provide best in class service to our carrier partners. To meet your needs, we offer our carriers several payment options and ways to submit your paperwork.

Payment Programs

  1. ACH & Quick Pay
  2. Check by mail

For questions regarding these payment options, fees or carrier payment status, please email or call us at 800-477-8025 option 4.

Submit Documents

Swift Logistics requires proof of delivery for payment. Use one of the following ways to submit paperwork.

1. Transflo $Velocity Direct Scanning

Go to If you need additional assistance, please contact Transflo $Velocity Customer Support at 866-503-5707.

2. Transflo Express Truck Stop Scanning

Stop at any Pilot Flying J, TA or Love’s Travel Center, hand your paperwork to the cashier with our Transflo Express Trip Sheet. Its easy and its free.


  1. the signed Swift Logistics Rate Confirmation Sheet with load number and SWOAV bar code (above) OR a completed Transflo Express Trip Sheet and
  2. proof of delivery (such as a signed bill of lading) with no exceptions indicated
3. Transflo Mobile+

Drivers with smart phones can use the Transflo Mobile+ app on their iPhone or Android devices to scan paperwork from their phone. Download the app on the App Store or Google Play. Use our Broker ID of SWOAV. To avoid payment delays, be sure your documents are crystal clear and fully legible.

4. Email

Email documents to Requires separate email for each document type.

Subject line format to use: 7 digit load #,DOC TYPE (Example: 0057123,POD) (no space after the comma)

Document types must be noted in all UPPER CASE. Valid document types are:

  1. POD
  2. BOL
  5. SCALE
5. McLeod Uploading Option

Your username is: (ALL CAPS)

Your temporary password will be sent by separate email. The Temporary password will expire in seven (7) days. You must change the temporary password or you will be denied access after 7 days.

Please note, if your company has a separate contact for Accounts Payable, that contact will also receive a separate username and temporary password by email. If you have a factoring company, you will need to give them your username and password so that they may log on for invoicing purposes. Carrier Relations will provide your username and temporary password upon registration.

Log on to

  1. Enter username in ‘Username’ field
  2. Enter password in ‘Password’ field
  3. Click the ‘Login’ button
  4. Click on Delivered Orders

Attaching an image to an order

Imaged BOLs, delivery receipts (PODs), invoice as a jpeg, tiff, bmp, png, or pdf files can be attached to an order

  1. Select the order from the orders grid
  2. Click the ‘Attach Images’ button
  3. Up to 5 images can be attached to an order using the Attach Images pane (if more are required, click the ‘Attach Images’ command again when finished)
  4. For each imaged file, select an image type from the drop down list
  5. Using the ‘Browse’ button, the carrier can search their PC for the image to attach
  6. When completed click the ‘Attach Images’ button

Viewing an image attached to an order

The ‘View Images’ button allows carriers to view images that were attached in the past

  1. Select the order from the orders grid
  2. Clicking the ‘View Images’ button will return a listing of the attached documents
  3. From the imaging listing select the document
  4. Click ‘Ok’

Viewing a Settlement Summary

The Settlement Summary will produce a settlement sheet for orders that have been paid through Swift Logistics’ McLeod system. This document will be displayed as a pdf image

  1. Select an order with a reflected check number assigned from the orders grid
  2. Click the ‘Settlement Summary’ button

Questions regarding the online invoicing process can be sent to

6. U.S. Mail Option

We strongly encourage you to use one of the Transflo methods for submission so you get paid faster. If you must mail, please send to our new PO Box at:

Swift Logistics
PO Box 9349
Louisville, KY 40209