What We Do

As a separate entity of Swift Transportation, Swift Logistics LLC offers a full suite of transportation solutions for its clients. The mission of Swift Logistics is to be recognized as the industry leading Asset-Based 3PL and Capacity Solutions provider, by providing unmatched quality, service, and value to its clients. Swift Logistics serves as an extension of your Logistics Team by providing a wide range of strategic, consultative, and executional supply chain solutions. The people, processes and systems provided by Swift Logistics were built to address the complex needs of our clients and with a commitment to be “Best in Class.”


  • Capacity Solutions
  • Spot Market
  • Rapid Capacity 
  • Promotions/Surge
  • Special Equipment 


  • Consulting Services
  • Single Source
  • Guaranteed Capacity Option - "Last Resort"


  • Full Transportation Outsource - "Plan to Settle"
  • Load Control Center (LCC)
  • Lead Logistics Provider (LLP)
  • Warehousing